6 Books that Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong

S Peter Davis, David A. Vindiola

With most every classic novel comes some outlandish interpretations. Some people have wild fringe theories about Harry Potter as an allegory for young gay love and Lord of the Rings being about WWII and the atom bomb. But some of these laughably wrong interpretations stick. In fact, you were taught some of them in school …

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Rifftrax – Best of The Matrix

Rifftrax – Best of Ironman

SNL – The I-Sleep Pro

SNL – I Didn’t Ask For This

Samberg – I Threw It On the Ground

SNL – Business Meeting

9 Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

By: Chris Bucholz

If you haven’t been living in a cave with your Ace of Base CDs and your Tamogatchis and your Seinfeld references, you’d know that the hottest trend sweeping the nation these days is bed bug infestations. These tiny little blood-suckers which lurk in mattresses and bedding have been spotted in massive numbers in recent years, and if you aren’t waking up every morning covered in swollen little bite marks, then frankly, you aren’t shit.

It turns out that the popularity of bed bug infestations has only been matched by the popularity of bed bug remedies, because while waking up with tiny little bites is very trendy, it is also possibly the single most distressing non-Ke$ha-related-thing ever.

To find out more about bed bugs, I conducted a bit of research on my own, and have below outlined everything you need to know about how to first get a bed bug infestation, and then get rid of it. I’ve done this because it’s considered poor form to just end a column immediately after the introduction.

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Karl Pilkington – Monkey News – Monkey in Space

One of the best Karl clips. -Jay

Neal Boortz – Boo Got Shot