News Roundup 3/29/12: NSA, Spying, Mobs, Black Ops


Rand Paul and War with Iran  -Steve Watson

Regina Dugan Formerly of DARPA, Now Google, Speaks on Planes and Drones

Dr. Steve Pieczenik- Amerika Held Hostage by the Military Industrial Complex -Infowars

Mysterious Booms Return to Wisconsin -Paul Watson

Flash Mobs Rob in Minnesota

Money Men Invited to Help Shape UK Policy -DailyMail

NYC Schools Plan to Ban Words -Activist Post

Dennis Rodman’s Lifestyle Catches Up to Him -LaTimes

Supreme Court May Strike Down Obamacare -LaTimes

Keiser Report 265 – The Unbanked Masses -RT

Student Loans on the Rise for Kindergarteners (Total Debt Enslavement Scam) -SmartMoney

New Milky Way Photo Captures 1 Billion Stars -Fox News

Senate Considers More Iran Sanctions -Reuters

“The legislation would focus on foreign banks that handle transactions for Iran’s national oil and tanker companies, and include a host of measures aimed to close loopholes in existing sanctions.”

Progressives Using ‘Race’ (surprise, surprise) -Infowars

Obama Mentions his ‘Re-election’ to Medvedev -Yahoo

Discussion of Effects of Possible Nuke Blast in D.C.  -Intelhub

Picasso Drove His Lovers to Despair with Cruel Alpha Behavior -DailyMail

Teacher Quits After Complaining About Student’s “Boobage” -DailyMail

Nat’l Security Agency Pressed for Details on Google Spying -PC World

CIA: We’ll Spy on You With Your Dishwasher -Wired


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