News Roundup 3/22/12: Talk Radio, French Shooting, HAARP, EuroDebt, Mox Reactor, Stratfor

Debt Bob-omb



L.A. City Council moves to shut down conservative talk radio. -CBS San Diego

Problem-reaction-solution As Anonymous Seeks to Shut Down the Internet -Kurt Nimmo



Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard based on 1997 London Independent/Wired Magazine article.

Muslim Brotherhood Wants to Run Egypt -AP

Roman Church Which Formerly Condemned ‘Religious Freedom’ Now “Rallies” to Support It -NewAdvent. 

Mysterious Booms signal possible underground bases, HAARP or other secret tech.  -Paul Joseph Watson

Rumors of Military Coups Across China -BBC

“But the Communist Party still attempts to control and divide up power in the same, secretive way it has for years. Meanwhile Chinese society has been changing fast around it. The party’s very success managing China’s economic growth means the country today is no longer the poor, agrarian society of Chairman Mao’s day.

China has been transformed. Hundreds of millions of its people are now urbanised, educated, literate, informed, intellectual and opinionated. Many are adept at using the internet to find and exchange information. They know there are power struggles and they are fascinated by what might be happening behind closed doors.”

Electrical Disturbances Signal Quakes -BBC

“The ionosphere is distinguished from other layers of Earth’s atmosphere because it is electrically charged through exposure to solar radiation.

On a significant number of occasions, satellites have picked up disturbances in this part of the atmosphere 100-600km above areas that have later been hit by earthquakes.

One of the most important of these is a fluctuation in the density of electrons and other electrically-charged particles in the ionosphere.

Though full details have yet to be released, the BBC understands that scientists also observed a “huge” signal in the ionosphere before the Magnitude 7.8 earthquake in China on 12 May.”

Euro Banks Cannot be Saved -ZeroHedge/Phoenix Capital

“Fact #1: EU Banks as a whole are leveraged at 26 to1.

 This is, of course, based on the assets the banks are reporting. According to independent sources, the leverage levels are in fact far, far greater than this (though 26 to 1 is already bordering on Lehman Brothers’ leverage levels).”

Interest Rate Swaps Trick Local Governments -WebofDebt

“In an interest-rate swap, two parties exchange payments on an agreed-upon amount of principal. Most of the swaps Wall Street sold in the municipal market required borrowers to issue long-term securities with interest rates that changed every week or month. The borrowers would then exchange payments, leaving them paying a fixed-rate to a bank or insurance company and receiving a variable rate in return. Sometimes borrowers got lump sums for entering agreements.

But the Fed artificially manipulated the rates to the save the banks. After the credit crisis broke out, borrowers had to continue selling adjustable-rate securities at auction under the deals. Auction interest rates soared when bond insurers’ ratings were downgraded because of subprime mortgage losses; but the periodic payments that banks made to borrowers as part of the swaps plunged, because they were linked to benchmarks such as Federal Reserve lending rates, which were slashed to almost zero.”

Russian Mox Reactors Used in U.S. -ENENews

Arpaio Revives Birther Questions -Steve Watson

U.S. Gun Sales Soar -FoxNews

Woman Warned French Authorities Of Shooter -Haaretz

Shooter Visited Israel -Haaretz

Stratfor Emails: Gov. Contractor Involved in Gaddafi Takedown -Steve Watson



One Response to News Roundup 3/22/12: Talk Radio, French Shooting, HAARP, EuroDebt, Mox Reactor, Stratfor

  1. Calliope says:

    Regarding Ellen Brown’s article “Interest Rate Swaps Trick Local Governments” -in WebofDebt:

    Here is yet another disturbing example of how the 1% are getting wealthier – “interest rate swaps”. And guess who is manipulating them so the 1% don’t have to pay up? The biggest of the already fat Wall Street cats. What a surprise. The more we look, the uglier it gets. So JPMorganChase and the Muppeteers have found yet another way to make lots more for themselves.

    Banks are endlessly profiting at the expense and the financial health of state and local governments, while legalized graft, in the form of lobbyists, funnel back millions to those very same elected politicians, all made legal through the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United. The best government money can buy!

    This past week, ex- employee of the month Greg Smith said that Goldman-Sachs referred to our local bureaucrats and the gullible suckers at the raw end of a swindle as “muppets.” So according to them, WE are all muppets, suckers to be swindled. WOW!!!!

    What is capitalism today? Here’s a brutal and in my opinion, accurate definition: “Capitalism … is completely dependent upon derivatives . We live in a global sea of variable interest rates, exchange rates, and default rates. There is no stable ground on which to anchor the economic ship, so financial products for ‘hedging against risk’ have been sold to governments and corporations as essentials of business and trade. But this ‘financial engineering’ is sold, not by disinterested third parties, but by the very sharks who stand to profit from their counterparties’ loss. Fairness is thrown out in favor of gaming the system. Deals tend to be rigged and contracts to be misleading.”

    One might imagine that somewhere, in some deep, dark hidden place, the puppetmasters are laughing at us as they pull the strings and manipulate us into running in one direction or another while they gleefully harvest the earnings that are gotten from the fearmongering that they have created, and which keeps the world on the brink of financial collapse. I mean, haven’t we all heard that “Now is the best time to buy gold.” ???? or “You can get an amortized thirty-year-loan at 3.5% for five years.” That’s what they were doing before, and they’re still doing it.
    There is no apparent solid financial foundation. It all appears to be a slick shell game, all smoke and mirrors. Is it any wonder that the economies of countries throughout the world are teetering on the brink of collapse?

    Can we save ourselves from drowning in this “global sea of variable interest rates, exchange rates, and default rates”? According to Ellen Brown “We can avoid the derivatives trap by cutting out the middlemen and creating our own credit…” We can do this by creating state, city, county, and local public banks based on the model of North Dakota.

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